About Us

Our Mission:

Kim Tong Translation Service strives to remove barriers to communication between our clients and partners by fostering confidence that care delivered is care received.  As a company founded by interpreters we continually work to improve education and training for interpreters in an effort to adapt to an ever-changing and evolving field.

Who We Are:

KTTS is an established leader in the fields of interpretation and translation.  Since our founding in 1993 we have dedicated ourselves to providing superior language solutions for our clients.  To date, over 250 different organizations have benefited from our expertise.

Our staff of professional interpreters, combined with our team of excellent customer service representatives, sets us apart from our competitors. We are available to take immediate or future requests, and can be depended upon to offer creative, innovative approaches to breaking down the communication barrier in over 60 languages.


Our Vision

"We are an interpreting company by interpreters for interpreters to: define the roles and responsibilities of the interpreters, in an effort to professionalize the field of interpreting."

— Minh Tong, General Manager