Our Values:

Community. Connection. Culture.

Working together to break through the communication barrier to improve the quality of care and service in our community. 


About Us

Kim Tong Translation Service was founded by interpreters for interpreters. As we approach our third decade of distinguished service, our passion to provide limited English and deaf or hard of hearing individuals access to quality care is stronger than ever. 


Our Clients

Kim Tong Translation Service specializes in medical interpretation and translation. We are proud to serve over 250 hospitals, clinics and social service agencies throughout Minnesota. We understand the importance of community and aim to connect providers with local interpreters to provide reliable, familiar, and consistent care. 

We have worked many hospitals and clinics up to now including those listed on the right.

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Our Impact

Kim Tong Translation Service boasts a roster of 500+ professional interpreters and over 60+ spoken languages. Our presence in the community combined with 24/7 support means that no request is too big or too small.  



LANGUAGES (spoken & ASL)



Interpreters Located in MN


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Our Services


On Site Interpreting

KTTS provides professional, experienced interpreters for a variety of face-to-face situations. Our interpreters have been trained in the art of interpretation,  remaining true to the original intent of the speaker.

Document Translation

Our experienced translators possess the training and software necessary to render an accurate translation. Before considering any translation as complete, a second translator fluent in both the source and target language will proof the translation for culturally appropriate and accurate wording.  

Over the Phone

On occasions where face-to-face interpretation cannot be arranged our interpreters are available via phone to complete short notice requests. 



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Our Team

KTTS is made up of a diverse group of office staff, interpreters and translators that all share the goal of helping people in need and making a difference. They are dedicated to connecting our skilled interpreters and translators with patients/clients on a daily basis.