Our Services


On Site Interpreting

We maintain a roster of over 500 professional and experienced interpreters for a variety of face-to-face situations. Our interpreters have been trained in the art of interpretation,  remaining true to the original intent of the speaker.  

Document Translation

Our experienced translators possess the training and software necessary to render an accurate translation. If requested,  a second translator fluent in both the source and target language will proof the translation for culturally appropriate and accurate wording.  

Over the Phone

On occasions where face-to-face interpretation cannot be arranged our interpreters are available via phone to complete short notice requests. 

Video remote interpreting (VRI)

*New* KTTS now offers video remote interpreting. Connect to an experienced interpreter using any computer or webcam. Like phone interpretation these requests need to be prescheduled.  

Fill out the form then Fax to 651-252-3214 or Email to customerservice@kttsmn.com